Medical Cannabis Review Hearing Update

The Florida Department of Health has actually accepted an application for a medical marijuana card for a man who is terminally ill with an incurable illness. As a representative of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program for United States, I had the ability to attend the hearing for this terminally unwell man.

There is no question that obtaining a doctor's approval is one of one of the most crucial steps in obtaining a medical cannabis card. The United States Department of Health and Human Services recognizes that the state regulation that licenses a program authorizing making use of marijuana for the treatment of symptoms associated with a patient's major and also deadly ailment might undergo change. At the hearing for the terminally unwell client, we heard testimony from countless medical professionals that testified that a physician should not be the only judge of how to assess the threats and also benefits of the medical cannabis program for United States.

Another witness likewise testified that a marijuana card for a terminally ill individual must be based upon criteria that are likewise relevant to other professional individuals who have actually gotten a recommendation from their medical professional. He referred to my job and said that a medical professional can not declare to recognize what is ideal for a person and afterwards reject them the capacity to acquire a clinical marijuana card based upon that medical professional's own personal opinions.

One more witness affirmed that doctors ought to have the opportunity to consider various other alternatives, such as smoking cigarettes or using vaporizers. He discussed that in instances where an individual's physician does not think that clinical cannabis is necessary, he or she might be obligated to report that person to the Florida Department of Health.

My associate and also I heard a checklist of arguments from client supporters and also members of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program for United States. In reaction to the disagreements elevated by these supporters, our team informed the hearing that an agent of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) attended the hearing in behalf of an individual with an incurable illness that is being rejected a clinical marijuana card.

At the hearing, we listened to from a patient that affirmed that he is being denied a medical marijuana card because his medical professional thinks that taking in cannabis would certainly interfere with the all-natural recovery process in his body. He pointed out that there are qualified, non-medical sources that support the favorable results of using marijuana. In action to that statement, our personnel noted that the drug approval requirements of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) state that cannabis is a Schedule I regulated compound which is deemed to have "no presently approved medical use."

It is my point of view that the approval process for the Florida Medical Marijuana Program is as well long, as well complicated, as well as is lacking enough evidence that the cannabis program works. Consequently, we will certainly need extra study before we release extra licenses to medical professionals who desire to suggest medical marijuana to patients.

2 participants of the Board of Medicine, Richard D. Lisa, MD, MPH, Chairperson; as well as Leslie A. Sandler, MD, MPH, Vice Chairperson; made a decision that it was appropriate to adjourn the hearing. I wish to thank all those that affirmed at the hearing and offered support to the doctor that helping the terminally ill client to obtain a clinical marijuana card.

I will continue to pursue the growth of accessibility to clinical cannabis in Florida. I invite your feedback and contributions to the online forum established to assist in recurring conversation on this issue.

This issue has the possible to assist hundreds of patients suffering from incurable disease. Please do not hesitate to call me at Dennis J. Murphy, Esq., or Call me at 352-542-3050 to discuss the matter better. I would like to say thanks to every one of you for your input as well as thoughtful consideration.


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There is no doubt that acquiring a medical professional's approval is one of the most essential steps in getting a medical marijuana card. At the hearing for the terminally unwell client, we listened to testament medical marijuana clinic naples fl from various clinical professionals that testified that a medical professional must not be the only court of just how to examine the risks and advantages of the medical cannabis program for United States.

At the hearing, we heard from a client who affirmed that he is being refuted a medical cannabis card because his physician thinks that consuming cannabis would certainly conflict with the natural healing procedure in his body. In feedback to that statement, our team noted that the drug authorization demands of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) state that marijuana is a Schedule I regulated substance which is deemed to have "no currently accepted clinical usage."